Terraria "The Great Slime Mitosis" Achievement Guide (2024)

Terraria "The Great Slime Mitosis" Achievement Guide (1)

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A quick, informative tutorial on how to get the Terraria Acheivement: The Great Slime Mitosis.

How to get The Great Slime Mitosis

The Great Slime Mitosis is a achievement in Terraria where you have to have all 9 town slimes move in. Town slimes can move in to a suitable house, and could live in a house with another NPC.

What is a Town Slime?

A Town Slime is a Town Pet. Town Pets are like NPCs but aren’t vendors, can move into the same house as a NPC, and can be pet. Town Slimes DON’T effect NPC happiness, DO count towards pylons, and DON’T have a favored biome to live in. The major difference between Town Slimes and any other Town Pets are that any other Town Pets can only be obtained by buying a license from the Zoologist NPC. They have a total of 250 HP.

How to get each Town Slime

Each Town Slime could be obtained in a very specific way. They are obtained by

SQUIRE SLIME: Throw a Copper Shortsword or a Copper Helmet at a slime

NERDY SLIME: Spawns when King Slime has been defeated

COOL SLIME: Can move in during a naturally spawned active Party

CLUMSY SLIME: Can be found floating around, tyed to a balloon, spawning never Floating Islands (can be detected with a Lifeform Analyzer) Can be freed by attacking the balloon

ELDER SLIME: Found inside a Old Shaking Chest underground after defeating Skeletron. To free it unlock the chest with a Golden Key. (can be detected by a Lifeform Analyzer)

SURLY SLIME: Can be caught up when fishing during a Blood Moon (can be detected by a Sonar Potion)

MYSTIC SLIME: Spray Purification Powder ( a item sold by the Dryad NPC) on the new Mystic Frog critter, causing it to turn into the Mystic Slime. Mystic frog will die if caught by Bug Net, can be detected by a Lifeform Analyzer and a Hunter Potion, Mystic Frogs can ONLY spawn in the Jungle Surface

DIVA SLIME: Toss a Sparkle Slime Balloon (a drop from the Queen Slime) into the new liquid, Shimmer. Once tossed into the Shimmer, It will turn into the Diva Slime

Fun Facts about Town Slimes

  • Town Slimes DON’T have a alternate look when soaked in shimmer
  • To add the Town Slimes in the Bestiary, you must pet them
  • Gastropods and Halloween slimes dont work on turning them into Squire Slimes
  • Town Slimes are NOT required to get the Princess NPC
  • Cool Slimes can ONLY move in by NATURALLY SPAWNED PARTYS, using the Party Center will not work

Quotes from Town Slimes are:

“Sizzle fo shizzle!”
“Yo, slurp glurp!”

“*Awkward Silence*”
“Plop. Pop… splat.”

“Babble babble blub… gulp!”
“Burble bubble? Hrm!”
“Kaplunk! Hmm… bleb. Uh-huh.”

“Burp… heh.”
“Hiss! Gargle! Grrrrr…”
“Murble burble… glup!!!”

“Glug glug? Pshaw!”
“Hrumble grumble!”
“Poot… ahem!”

“Dribble bleam!”
“Ripple? Blip blop!”
“Sprinkle, tinkle!”

“Blobra kaslobra!”
“Bubble bubble! Boil glubble!”

“Blip blop, huzzah!”
“Kerslash! Kersplish!”
“Squish n’ sploink!”

-Bestiary Captions:
COOL SLIME- “Easily the coolest slime around, no question. You can tell from the backwards hat and indecipherable slang.”

CLUMSY SLIME- “This slime was a little confused when the other slimes started putting on hats and accessories. But it did its best.”

NERDY SLIME- “Just a smidge cleverer than other slimes, this slime discovered how to coexist with humans. The secret: accessorizing!”

SURLY SLIME- “Irascible and insufferable, this grumpy slime is probably up to no good. Probably. Its the thought that counts really.”

ELDER SLIME- “Older, though not necessarily wiser, the other slimes look up to the Elder Slime. If it survived this long, it must know something!”

DIVA SLIME- “Born of the combined energies of Shimmer and the Queen Slime, this slime is full of boundless energy and enthusiasm! And so fancy!”

MYSTIC SLIME- “This slime knows that great witches wear impressive hats, but it only found a droopy one. Might explain the backfired polymorph!”

SQUIRE SLIME- “A hero amongst slimes, it wields the greatest arms and armor known to its kind. It doesn’t actually know how to use them, but its a start.”

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Terraria "The Great Slime Mitosis" Achievement Guide (2024)
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