How to make wild yam cream at home? Recipes and Tips (2024)

You can prepare your own wild yam cream with just few ingredients. Check out some simple recipes here to make wild yam cream at home.

Yams aren’t just delicious, they are healthy too. Not many people know that this delicious root vegetable is being used for ages for treatment of various ailments. Yam cream, often referred to as wild yam cream, is considered as the best natural remedy for premenstrual, menstrual, and menopausal symptoms in women. Not just women, this cream is equally beneficial for men; it is being marketed today as an alternative medicine cream to treat erectile dysfunction and to increase male libido.

Nowadays, wild yam creams are readily available in most health food and drug stores. But the problem is that some of these creams contain synthetic progesterone in them. Absorbing such man-made progesterone in high concentrations could result in some side effects, like constipation, fatigue and irritability and in rare cases, fainting, blurred vision, difficulty in breathing, and swelling of the throat. That’s why, it is highly recommended to go for home-made wild yam cream. Yes, you can prepare your own wild yam cream at home that too with just few ingredients. Two simple recipes of home-made wild yam cream are given below. Follow one of them and make a rich & beneficial wild yam cream naturally at home.How to make wild yam cream at home? Recipes and Tips (1)

Recipe 1:

  • 3 cups of chopped fresh wild yam root
  • 1 gallon of distilled water
  • 3 tbsp of stearic acid
  • Half cup of emollient beeswax beads
  • A nonstick 4-quart Stock Pot
  • 1 large glass bowl

(Note: Choose your ingredients carefully and make sure to buy items like beeswax and stearic acid from a trusted supply merchant)

Add distilled water and the diced yam root into the stock pot and boil them for about forty minutes. Now, with the help of a wooden or plastic spoon, stir and smash the yam cubes. But do not smash them completely. Leave most of the cubes in a solid state so as to avoid soaking up all of the water. The simmering water will gradually break down the wild yam cubes, and then a thin, foamy layer of “fat” will begin to form at the top of the boiling mixture. Next, skim off the layer of fat from the surface using a spoon, and then drop the foamy substance into the big glass bowl. Reserve about half cup of yam water and dispose off the leftover stuff from the pot. The wild yam fat in the bowl would start shrinking as it cools down. This means, what appears to be a lot actually isn’t, and so take as much of the fat from the surface of the water as you can.

Next, add half cup of beeswax beads to the bowl of hot yam fat, and stir them as the beads starts to melt. If necessary, microwave the mixture on high temperature for about twenty seconds to help the beads melt faster. Once the beads melt completely, introduce the stearic acid powder to the bowl of yam fat and stir the mixture vigorously either for at least three minutes or until a thick foam forms. After that, gradually add small amounts of the reserved yam water until you get the desired thickness.

Use: Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and let the cream cool, until it reaches room temperature. Now, gently massage the orange-colored cream into the soft, sensitive parts of your skin. By following the above mentioned recipe, you’ll get enough wild yam cream to last approximately 6 months, if you use the cream once every 14 days. You can also add about 3 tsp of vitamin E oil to this cream to keep it preserved. Just spoon it out into airtight jars. The cream will probably last a year, if stored in a cool, dark place.

Recipe 2:

  • Wild yam root
  • Oil or lard or any other fat medium
  • 1 quart jar

Soak some yam roots in water. Make sure the roots must soak up all the water with none left standing. Put them in a quart jar until the jar is half full with roots. And then cover it with oil or lard or whatever fat you prefer. Afterwards, pressure cook the stuff at 10 pounds for about thirty minutes. Simply cool and strain off the fat. Now, you can use this fat to make cream with any of the cream recipe.
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How to make wild yam cream at home? Recipes and Tips (2024)
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