Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant (2024)


In partnership with Ohio EPA and the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR), Development helps clean up abandoned gas and service stations throughout Ohio.

The Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant provides funding to assess and clean up former gas and service stations with documented petroleum releases. Local government entities and land banks who own an eligible property or who have an agreement with the landowner may apply. The applicant and property owner cannot have contributed to the prior release of petroleum or other hazardous substances on the site.

Eligible Properties

To be eligible, a property must have been formerly used for gas station or service station operations, be vacant, and have a documented petroleum release that has been classified by BUSTR as "Class C", meaning the responsible party is not able to pay for cleanup costs. The applicant must also demonstrate that the property, in its current condition, cannot be safely and productively reused or redeveloped. Funding will be prioritized for former gas and/or service stations with the greatest potential for environmental, community, and economic impact, as determined by the application and scoring matrix.

Eligible Applicants

Political subdivisions (counties, municipal corporations, townships, port authorities, and county land reutilization corporations organized under Chapter 1724 of the Revised Code) are eligible to apply for funding through this program. If a political subdivision does not own the eligible property, the political subdivision may enter into a relevant agreement with the organization that owns the property. All applicants must certify that neither they nor the current property owner caused or contributed to any prior release of petroleum or other hazardous substances on the property.

Eligible Costs

Up to $500,000 for cleanup or remediation activities, including UST removals, cleanup of hazardous substances, demolition, and property clearance activities and up to $100,000 for property assessment activities. The program offers two types of grants: Assessment/Corrective Action and Cleanup and Remediation. The maximum Assessment/Corrective Action grant award is $250,000, and may include property assessment activities and cleanup or remediation activities. The maximum Cleanup and Remediation grant award is $500,000, and is restricted to cleanup or remediation activities. Eligible applicants may apply for both an Assessment/Corrective Action grant and a Cleanup and Remediation grant for an eligible property, but total maximum funding may not exceed $100,000 for property assessment activities and $500,000 for cleanup or remediation activities for a single eligible property.

How to apply

The application period for this program has closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my property is a BUSTR Class C?

You can check to see if your property is listed as a BUSTR Class C on theOTTER database(login not required). If it is not listed or currently listed as something other than a Class C, you’ll need to request a determination from BUSTR using the determination form. If you have questions about whether or not your property may qualify as a Class C, please contact BUSTR at (614) 752-8200.

I own a former gas station that has contamination in addition to that from the BUSTR tank(s). Is it still an eligible site?

Yes, assessment and cleanup costs for hazardous substances on BUSTR Class C sites are eligible under this program.

My property may be eligible for this program, but a petroleum release has never been documented. What can I do?

We recommend contacting BUSTR at (614) 752-8200 prior to beginning any assessment activities if a release hasn’t been documented on the site. Because of BUSTR’s statutory requirements for determining a responsible party, it is possible that a property owner who did not own or operate the tanks may be deemed responsible for the cleanup, especially if the tanks were in use during or after 1984.

My site is a Class C and has a documented petroleum release, per BUSTR, but not a VAP Phase I Environmental Assessment. What resources can help?

Ohio EPA can provide these assessments at no charge to political subdivisions and private entities who partner with political subdivisions. For more information, please contact the Site Assistance and Brownfield Revitalization staff at (614) 644-2924 or visit their webpage byclicking here.

Are county land banks eligible to participate?

Yes, county land banks are one of the political subdivisions eligible for funding through the program.

Per Ohio Revised Code 5722.22, BUSTR cannot enforce on county land banks. So, even if petroleum contamination is documented after the land bank takes title, the site will still qualify for Class C status and be eligible for the grant program.

Are there any match requirements or limits on use of funding?

No match is required, although private match will increase an application’s score. Development will not reimburse for professional fees, other than those incurred for environmental professional services. Environmental professional fees are capped at 15% for cleanup grants. Please see the application for further details.

Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant (2024)
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